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Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

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Microfluidic Rotary Pump

  • Barbaros CetinAffiliated withMechanical Engineering Department, Bilkent University Email author 
  • , Reza SalemmilaniAffiliated withMechanical Engineering Department, Bilkent University
  • , Dongqing LiAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo


Microfluidic rotary pump; Microgear pump; Microlobe pump; Viscous micropump


Rotary micropump is a type of micropump which consists of a rotary element used for moving fluids. Based on different design concepts, rotary micropumps make use of either viscous forces or pressure forces to carry out the pumping action.


Conventional centrifugal or axial turbomachinery are not suitable for micro and nanoscales where Reynolds numbers are generally small, centrifugal and inertial forces are negligible, and viscous forces dominate the flow field (an excellent review can be found on the physics of microscale fluid flow in [1]). Many different types of micropumps have been proposed, developed and commercialized for microfluidics applications. Rotary micropumps make use of mechanical micro rotors to pump the fluid. Due to the dominance of viscous forces in micro scale, carrying out the pumping action by means of viscous forces is possible. A group of rotary micropumps operate ...

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