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Microfluidic Cell Enumeration for Biomedical Diagnostics

  • David J. Kinahan
  • Macdara T. Glynn
  • Jens Ducrée
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Cytometry is defined as the practice of counting cells and is often applied to the counting of blood cells. More particularly, the term frequently denotes counting of specific subsets of cells, such as those with properties distinct from a background population, e.g., the enumeration of T-cells from a whole blood sample. Data can be presented as either the absolute number of cells in a sample or a ratio of the target cell type to the background cells. When medical samples are examined using these techniques, such cell-based data can be used as a diagnostic or prognostic measure for a wide variety of diseases. Similarly cell cytometry can be used to detect and measure the presence and concentration of specific pathogens (such as bacteria) in samples.


Introduction to Cell Enumeration in Lab-on-a-Chip Systems

Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip...

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