Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

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Pressure Measurements, Methods

  • Barbaros CetinEmail author
  • Serdar Taze
  • Dongqing Li
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Experimentation and novel measurement techniques are crucial for the further development of microfluidic devices. Pressure is one basic parameter involved in microfluidic experiments. However, it is not realistic to apply the conventional pressure measurement techniques to microsystems, since the characteristic dimension of these measurement instruments is already comparable with the size of the microdevices. Therefore, novel pressure measurement methods are needed for pressure measurement at the microscale.


By the use of the conventional sensors, it is not practical to measure the pressure inside the micro- and nanochannels, since it is very difficult or impossible to implement these relatively bulky (compared to the microsystem dimensions) sensors to microsystems without disturbing the flow field. Therefore, some novel methods are demanded for pressure measurement at the microscale.

The common practice...

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