Encyclopedia of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

2013 Edition
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Emergency Airways

  • David FurgiueleEmail author
  • Michael Wajda
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The emergency airway can be approached in the same way as the difficult airway. In the emergency airway, because of the risk of compromise, there is an inherent urgency in securing the airway. No two situations can be approached the same way. Whether there is structural pathology or traumatic injury, clear understandings of airway anatomy and airway skills are necessary in order to be successful. There is no absolute technique that will guarantee successful intubation in any airway. Therefore, before managing the emergency airway, it is necessary to be competent with routine airway situations and all intubating techniques.


Evaluation of the Emergency Airway

Airway evaluations are necessary in preparing for an emergency airway. Assessment of the patient will help formulate a coherent and succinct plan to approach securing the airway. This may be the most vital and crucial part, and will ensure the most success....

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