Encyclopedia of Colloid and Interface Science

2013 Edition
| Editors: Tharwat Tadros

Surfactants, Phase Behavior

  • Eduardo F. Marques
  • Bruno F. B. Silva
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Association; bilayer; binary system; deuterium splitting NMR; differential scanning calorimetry; liquid crystal; micelle; microemulsion; phase; phase behavior; phase diagram; phase equilibria; phase rule; phase transition; polarized light microscopy; polymer; segregation; self-assembly; small-angle x-ray scattering; surfactant; ternary system; vesicle


Phase is any part of a system that is uniform in physical state, chemical composition, and internal structure. The study of surfactant phase behavior consists in the determination of the number, composition, and structure of phases formed by surfactant systems at a given set of conditions (pressure, temperature, and system composition), in observance of Gibbs phase rule. Phase behavior studies rely on the investigation and analysis of phase diagrams. For binary surfactant-water systems, the phase diagram is a...

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