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 Asteroid,  carbonaceous chondrite, in situ, Mars,  Mars Express,  Phobos, satellite


Phobos-Grunt is a mission to  Phobos, one of the two small satellites of  Mars; it is developed by the Russian agency Roskosmos, with the participation of other countries to the science payload. Launch will occur at the end of 2011, for an arrival end-2012, and a landing on Phobos mid-2013. In situ analysis of Phobos soil will help to understand the composition of Phobos (structure, mineralogy, organic matter), hence its origin. About 200 g of soil samples will be sent from Phobos to Earth, where they will land in 2014.


Due to its low  albedo and spectral characteristics (Murchie and Erard 1996; Simonelli et al. 1997) Phobos could be identified as a captured  asteroid, with a composition close to the organic-bearing carboneous chondrites (Rivkin et al. 2002); nevertheless, its low apparent density (1.9 g/cm 3) (Avanesov et al. 1991) leads to think that...
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