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Handbook of Adhesion Technology

pp 1237-1262

Marine Industry

  • Peter DaviesAffiliated withMaterials and Structures Group, Brest Centre, IFREMER (French Ocean Research Institute) Email author 


This chapter describes the use of adhesive bonding to assemble structures in the marine industry. The marine environment is extremely aggressive, and this has resulted in widespread use of fiber reinforced composite materials. Adhesive bonding is a lightweight and corrosion resistant means of joining these materials. The main emphasis of this chapter will, therefore, be on the assembly of composites, though some examples of metal bonding will also be discussed. Three industrial applications are used to illustrate the use of adhesive bonding; small pleasure boats, high performance racing yachts, and bonded structures in the offshore industry. Each has specific design requirements, and there is no single marine adhesive suitable for all structures, but the requirement for long-term durability in a seawater environment is common to all these applications.


Boat certification composite durability offshore water