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Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology

pp 257-265

Oil Tanker Sludges and Slops

  • C. GertlerAffiliated withSchool of Biological Sciences, Bangor University
  • , M. M. YakimovAffiliated withInstitute for Coastal Marine Environment
  • , M. C. MalpassAffiliated withSchool of Environment and Natural Resources, Bangor University
  • , P. N. GolyshinAffiliated withSchool of Biological Sciences, Bangor University


Despite international agreements, economic interests, and increasing environmental protection awareness, oil transportation in the third millennium is a dangerous business causing many cases of pollution. It is a paradigm for the negative effects of globalization, as has been proven by a product tanker in 2006. Following an odyssey, which took her from Europe to Africa, a gasoline tanker entered the port of Abidjian, Ivory Coast on 19 August 2006. Her presence and activities in the port of Abidjian claimed 16 lives and caused more than 40,000 cases of poisoning.