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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Landscape and Urban Planning

pp 666-667

4066 park-like cemetery [n]

landsc. urb. (Open landscape cemetery, which was first created in the U.S., when America's cities began establishing large, park-like cemeteries outside their boundaries. Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was established in 1831 and is said to be “America's first garden cemetery.” It is 70 ha [175 acres], and features rugged terrain and floral landscaping, which at the time was unusual in both Europe and the US. It included carriage-paths and ornamental plantings as well as public structures organized around vistas and focal points. The style and public access concept heavily influenced the design elements of Central Park in New York some 26 years later in 1857. The concept emphasized the cemetery as a place for “the living,” and well as a place for “the departed”. This concept was introduced to Germany with the construction of the Hamburg-Ohlsdorf Cemetery in 1877. The park-like cemetery has less space for burial and crypts than geometrically laid out cemeteries, and ...

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