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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Landscape and Urban Planning

pp 500-500

3056 land assembly policy [n] [US]

plan. pol. (1. Acquisition of land [rather than developing] by a planning agency [US]/authority [UK] for planning or development purposes or for future land uses; in U.S., the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution grants Federal and State Agencies the right of eminent domain to acquire privately held land for public uses [roads, parks, schools, reservoirs, hospitals and other public purposes; syn. condemnation [n], taking [n], expropriation [n]. Planning agencies or public building authorities have this right to acquire land provided “just compensation” at market value is awarded to the land owner, with or without the consent of the owner]; in U.K., acquisition of land for public purposes is governed by the Town and Country Planning Acts [cf. TCPA 1990, Part 9]); 2. land banking [n] (Used in U.S. as a synonym for l. a. p., is used in U.K. for speculative investment schemes in which land is purchased with the intent to sell it again at a profit after its value has risen; ►

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