Dictionary of Gems and Gemology

2009 Edition
| Editors: Mohsen Manutchehr-Danai

inclusion in emerald

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-72816-0_11294
the inclusions in emerald crystals are not easy to tabulate, and are numerous from locality to locality. The typical internal inclusions of emerald are the Colombian Muzo and Chivor mines with flat cavities containing liquid, gas, and small crystal of rock-salt (three-phase) sometimes with a single spike, calcite rhombus, and/or pyrite crystals. Ural, Russia emeralds contain flakes of mica, and blades of green actinolite fibers, which look like bamboo. Habachtal, Austria emeralds contain green actinolite or grammatite fiber. Sandawana, Zimbabwe emeralds contain green actinolite or curved tremolite fibers. Transvaal, South Africa emeralds contain green mica or fuchsite flakes. India emeralds contain hexagonal cavities of negative crystals filled with liquid and gas parallel (two phases) to the main axis of the host crystal. Pakistanemeralds have several flakes of mica and small crystals of phenakite. An unusual radical arrangement of inclusions of albite separates clear emerald...
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