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Encyclopedia of Applied and Computational Mathematics

pp 1537-1546



  • Christopher R. JohnsonAffiliated withScientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah, Warnock Engineering Building


Scalar field visualization; Vector field visualization; Visualization software


Computers are now extensively used throughout science, engineering, and medicine. Advances in computational geometric modeling, imaging, and simulation allow researchers to build and test models of increasing complexity and thus to generate unprecedented amounts of data. As noted in the NIH-NSF Visualization Research Challenges report, to effectively understand and make use of the vast amounts of information being produced is one of the greatest scientific challenges of the twenty-first century [1]. Visualization, namely, helping researchers explore measured or simulated data to gain insight into structures and relationships within the data, will be critical in achieving this goal and is fundamental to understanding models of complex phenomena. In this brief chapter, I will highlight visualization techniques for two common scientific data types, scalar fields, and vector fields with pointe ...

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