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2018 Edition
| Editors: Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, Thomas Kohnen

Retro-Orbicularis Oculi Fat (ROOF)

  • Allison J. Chen
  • B. Ranjodh Singh
  • Gary Joseph Lelli
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Retro-orbicularis oculi fat (ROOF) is a superficial fat layer existing between the orbicularis oculi muscle and the periosteum of the supraorbital bone, superior to the orbital septum.


ROOF is a superior extension of the sub-brow fat pad and is a layer of fibroadipose tissue that is situated deep to the orbicularis oculi and superficial to the periosteum of the supraorbital bone. It extends medially beyond the midsupraorbital rim and laterally beyond the lateral orbital rim (Zide 2006). The superior portion of ROOF extends upward under the frontalis muscle and contributes to the galeal fat pad over the superolateral orbital rim (Prendergast 2013). Although ROOF consists of the same tissue as the sub-brow fat pad, it is thicker than the sub-brow fat pad and can contribute to the bagginess and bulky hood of the lateral upper...

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