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Encyclopedia of Psychopharmacology

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Addiction Research Center Inventory

  • Robert L. BalsterAffiliated withInstitute for Drug and Alcohol Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • , Sharon L. WalshAffiliated withCenter on Drug and Alcohol Research, Department of Behavioral Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky




A true/false questionnaire developed at the Addiction Research Center used to assess the subjective effects of various drugs of abuse. Items include such statements as:

I have a pleasant feeling in my stomach.

I am sweating more than usual.

I have a floating feeling.

My movements seem slower than normal.

The original version had 550 such statements, but newer and shorter versions have been developed and validated as well. The most widely used version today includes only 49 items. Responses on the ARCI yield scores on various scales (five for the short form) that were empirically derived by administering known drugs of abuse and establishing the pattern of responses. For example, the Morphine-Benzedrine Group scale (MBG) is used as a proxy for the euphoric effects produced by opioids and amphetamines.


Abuse Liability Evaluation

Addiction Research Center


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