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Encyclopedia of Psychopharmacology

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Addictive Disorder: Animal Models

  • Michel Le MoalAffiliated withCentre de Recherche Inserm u862, Université Victor Segalen-Bordeaux 2, Institut François Magendie-Bordeaux Email author 


Experimental drug dependence


Animal model: Experimental preparation developed for studying a given phenomenon found in humans. It is at the basis of experimental medicine, with its two sides: physiology and pathology.

Individual differences: Refer to the concept of differential psychology, personality, and temperament. Each individual is unique in terms of genetic and environmental backgrounds, and of life events and history.

Vulnerability or frailty: A construct inherent to medical practice, for genetic or environmental reasons. It represents a biological state at the limits of homeostasis.

Current Concepts and State of Knowledge

Introduction: A Model of What?

In behavioral pathology and comparative psychiatry a precondition for an animal model is to be informed about what will be modeled. The poor awareness of the complexity of such human conditions is the origin of misunderstanding between clinicians and neurobiolo ...

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