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Encyclopedia of Molecular Pharmacology

pp 1266-1266

UDP‐Glucuronyl Transferase

UDP‐glucuronyl transferases (UGTs) are a group of enzymes which catalyze the transfer of UDP‐glucuronyl moieties from UDP‐glucuronic acid into a variety of small lipophilic agents, which can be xenobiotics (drugs, environmental toxicants, carcinogens), as well as endogenous substances (steroids, bile acids, bilirubin, hormones, dietary constituents). Genes encoding UGTs have been cloned, and there are at least 15 UGTs in the mammalian system. Genetic polymorphisms have been observed in a variety of UGTs, which are responsible for differences in drug metabolism as well as for diseases like Crigler‐Najjar’s and Gilbert’s syndrome.

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