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Neuropathic Pain Model, Chronic Constriction Injury

  • Claudia Sommer
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Bennett Model; chronic constrictive injury; CCI


The  chronic constriction injury (CCI) is a partial nerve injury, mostly used in rodents, which is produced by tying several ligatures around a nerve, such that these ligatures slightly constrict the nerve. This induces an incomplete nerve injury, which entails behavioral signs of  hyperalgesia in the animals.


Animals, Technique, and Behavioral Data

Originally, the model was established in rats (Bennett and Xie 1988), but it has since been successfully used in mice (Sommer et al. 1997). Most often, the sciatic nerve is constricted, other nerves that have been used are the infraorbial nerve (Vos et al. 1994) and the median nerve (Day et al. 2001). The nerve is exposed by blunt dissection of the overlying muscles and several ligatures are tied around it such that they slightly constrict the nerve. Originally, four 4.0 chromic gut ligatures were used to constrict the sciatic nerve, which were tied around...

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