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James Connolly: Labor, Empire, Ireland

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This entry concerns James Connolly, the most important Marxist thinker and activist Ireland has produced. Famous for his part in the Easter Rising of 1916, Connolly also was intensely active in labor politics, Marxist theorization, and radical historiography. His work is now recognized to contribute to the critique from the imperial margins and global South of the Eurocentrism of the mainstream Marxist tradition, and as such as is seen as proleptic of thinkers as various as Amin and Guha.

James Connolly (1868–1916) is one of the heroic figures of Irish revolutionary history. A leader of the Easter Rising of 1916, he was the last of the signatories of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic to be executed at Kilmainham Jail in Dublin – tied into a chair because his...

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