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Apache Hive is data warehousing software that facilitates reading, writing, and managing large data sets residing in distributed storage using SQL (Apache Hive PMC 2017).


Hive enables data warehousing in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. It can run in traditional Hadoop clusters or in cloud environments. It can work with data sets as large as multiple petabytes. Initially Hive was used mainly for ETL and batch processing. While still supporting these use cases, it has evolved to also support data warehousing use cases such as reporting, interactive queries, and business intelligence. This evolution has been accomplished by adopting many common data warehousing techniques while adapting those techniques to the Hadoop ecosystem. It is implemented in Java.


Hive’s architecture is shown in figure 1. Not all of the components in the diagram are required in every installation. LLAP and HiveServer2 are optional; the Metastore can be run embedded in HiveServer2 or...
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