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GPU-Based Hardware Platforms

  • Johns PaulEmail author
  • Bingsheng He
  • Chiew Tong Lau
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GPU, SIMD, single-package platforms, multi-package platforms GPU-based hardware platforms are platforms that usually use GPUs in conjunction with CPUs to accelerate specific tasks. GPUs have evolved as a powerful accelerator for processing huge amounts of data in parallel.


This chapter details the architectural design and internal working of GPU-based hardware platforms. For this, we broadly classify GPU-based hardware platforms into two categories: single-package and multi-package. We then detail the architectural differences as well as the advantages and limitations of each category.


Graphics processing units (GPUs) were initially designed to accelerate the rendering of images for video editing and gaming. However, more recently, GPUs have evolved as a powerful accelerator for processing huge amounts of data in parallel. Similar to CPUs, GPUs also contains processing cores, registers, multiple levels of cache, and a global memory unit. However, GPUs differ...

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