Two Perspectives on Work, Disability and Health: An Overview

  • Ute BültmannEmail author
  • Johannes Siegrist
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Part of the Handbook Series in Occupational Health Sciences book series (HDBSOHS, volume 1)


This introductory chapter presents “Two perspectives on work, disability and health.” With the first perspective, the contribution of occupational hazards and stressful working conditions to the burden of chronic disease and disability is illustrated, by reviewing and discussing evidence related to leading disorders and impairments. Moreover, options of reducing this burden by worksite health promotion and by targeted social policies are presented. With the second perspective, the socioeconomic and psychosocial aspects of persons living with a disability are explored, with special emphasis on (re)employment opportunities or restrictions. Models of good practice and innovative rehabilitation strategies inform readers about most recent developments. Both perspectives complement each other, and they offer new knowledge that may be instrumental in strengthening efforts of professional and other stakeholders to promote health-conducive working conditions, to prevent work-related disability risks, and to improve access or return to work, rehabilitation, and social integration. The two perspectives on work, disability and health, are illustrated by 34 chapters in Section I and Section II.


Work Occupation Health Disability Prevention Labour market Return to work 


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