Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology

2018 Edition
| Editors: Peter T. Bobrowsky, Brian Marker

Brownfield Sites

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Contaminated land – sometimes used as a synonym although land that has not been used previously can also become contaminated through water or air pollution; Derelict land; Vacant land


Previously developed land that has become disused (as opposed to “greenfield sites” – those that have not had previous uses other than agriculture, forestry, or no perceptible human interventions).


Brownfield sites are mainly located in urban areas where industrial or commercial buildings and facilities have become disused. But some sites, such as military installations, mines, and waste management sites, may be located in open countryside or wilderness areas. Individual sites may cover many hectares or be small and scattered. Some can be easily redeveloped but many have problems of contamination/pollution, instability, and obstructions from past uses that add to difficulties and costs of either redevelopment or rehabilitation. Surficial deposits on such sites are often of...

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