Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology

2018 Edition
| Editors: Peter T. Bobrowsky, Brian Marker

Professional Practice

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A term that describes the technical/scientific skill set and experience and also the conduct of a person with specialist knowledge who receives remuneration for the work that they perform (i.e., is not an amateur).

For engineering geologists, minimum professional practice standards may be regulated (i.e., set out in legislation or regulation and enforceable by law), or they may be unregulated (set by professional geoscience or engineering organizations with monitoring/enforcement by peers). The principal purpose of setting Professional Practice standards in geoscience, including and particularly engineering geology, is to ensure competence in the protection of the public and service of society. The concept of protection of the public encapsulates not only the health and safety of people and their property but also investors who may be impacted if projects fail through poor professional practice (lack of competence or negligence).


Professional engineering geologists...

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