Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology

2018 Edition
| Editors: Peter T. Bobrowsky, Brian Marker

Mohr Circle

  • Jeffrey R. KeatonEmail author
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-73568-9_206


A graphical representation of normal stresses and shear stresses was developed by Professor Otto Mohr (1835–1918) who recognized that the equations could be rearranged into the form describing a circle:
$$ {\left[{\sigma}_{\beta }-\left(\frac{\sigma_x+{\sigma}_y}{2}\right)\right]}^2+{\left[{\tau}_{\beta }-0\right]}^2={\left[\sqrt{{\left(\frac{\sigma_x-{\sigma}_y}{2}\right)}^2+{\tau}_x^2}\ \right]}^2 $$
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