Application Examples of the Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor

  • Stig NilssonEmail author
  • Antonio Ricardo de Mattos Tenório
  • Subir Sen
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Shukai Xu
  • Gang Zhao
  • Qiang Song
  • Bo Lei
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Thyristor switched and controlled series capacitor systems were developed in the late 1980s to enable increased load carrying capacity of existing high voltage transmission lines. Thyristor controlled series capacitors (TCSC) would insert a variable series impedance in a line, which would enable the shifting of loads from lines that were being overloaded to lines that were underutilized. Two TCSC demonstration systems were installed in the USA in the early 1990s. Following the successful demonstration of the technology, 17 thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC) systems have been installed in Brazil, India, China, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. All but one of these systems have been built to make high power transmission lines dynamically stable during all foreseen operating conditions. That is, the TCSC systems were used to provide damping of critical power system oscillatory modes and thereby enabled secure operation of the lines. One of the systems was installed only to prevent subsynchronous interactions between a large nuclear reactor and the ac power system. As can be expected, some of the TCSC systems are no longer needed because as the ac power system evolves, the damping of the oscillatory modes improves and the added damping that was provided by the TCSC systems was no longer needed.


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