Commissioning of FACTS Controllers

  • Babak BadrzadehEmail author
  • Andrew Van Eyk
  • Peeter Muttik
  • Bryan Lieblick
  • Bo Lei
  • Thomas Magg
  • Shukai Xu
  • Marcio M. de Oliveira
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The purpose of commissioning is to establish that the installed FACTS controller performs as expected and complies with the specified and expected performance requirements, culminating with grid compliance testing. Successful completion of the commissioning tests is generally a prerequisite for unrestricted operation.

Commissioning tests require testing of the plant, starting from individual equipment items, sub-systems, and up to the entire integrated system. The commissioning will also validate model data by comparison of test results with studies performed beforehand. Accurate modelling of the FACTS controller is fundamental to ensuring that future power system studies adequately demonstrate the network behavior, including the FACTS controller.

This chapter discusses the entire suite of commissioning tests conducted as part of commissioning a new or upgraded FACTS controller.


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