Application Examples of UPFC and Its Variants

  • Stig NilssonEmail author
  • Shukai Xu
  • Bo Lei
  • Zhanfeng Deng
  • Bjarne Andersen
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The IEEE definition of a the UPFC (unified power flow controller) is a combination of a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and a static synchronous series compensator (SSSC), which are coupled together via a common DC link, to allow bidirectional flow of real power between the AC series output terminals of the SSSC and AC the shunt output terminals of the STATCOM. The UPFC is controlled to provide independent reactive power control of the AC system where the UPFC is connected as well as providing reactive power control of the line into which the SSSC is inserted while at the same time channeling active power between the two elements of the UPFC. These capabilities make the UPFC suitable for management of power flows in lines at risk of being overloaded during system disturbances, routing power through the most efficient lines, sharing of spinning reserves by enabling power flows up to the thermal limits on system interconnections, and providing damping to improve the stability of the power systems. This chapter describes all known applications of UPFC and variations thereof as per end of 2018.


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