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Sustainable Urban Governance: Power of Partnerships, Planning Process, Public Partnerships, and Performance Parameters

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Urban is a term that describes the characteristic of a town or city, an area where a large group of people reside.

Urban governance is a term that refers to how government (local, regional, and national) and stakeholders decide how to plan, finance, and manage urban areas, which involves a continuous process of negotiation and contestation over the allocation of social resources, material resources, and political power (Avis 2016).

Sustainable Urban Governance in Cities and Communities


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are serving private and public stakeholders on various levels (local, regional, and national) in navigating dialogue on organizing and implementing sustainability plans and aligning Sustainable Development Goals with existing jurisdictional policy. By incorporating the principles of sustainability – environment, economic, and social – to urban governance and urban planning, public stakeholders can influence the enhancement of...

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