Attempts to Achieve Parity and Coverage in Chile in Mental Health

  • Jorge ChuaquiEmail author
  • James G. Linn
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Chile is well known for the high quality, innovativeness, and wide coverage of its mental health services. For almost 20 years it has been a leader in Latin America for its progressive approach to providing MH prevention programs and MH treatment to its residents. This chapter is a comprehensive description and in-depth analysis of current mental health services in Chile. It provides a structural analysis of the Chilean economy and discusses how mental health services have evolved with changes in the Chilean government and economy. A particular effort is made to address the issue of parity in the delivery of mental health services and programs to all geographic regions and economic and ethnic groups in Chile. Comparisons are made between utilization, quality, and access to mental health services provided by the public and private sectors. Concerns are expressed regarding the access and quality of mental health services for low income and indigenous Chileans. Conclusions are drawn regarding quality of mental health serves in Chile and the degree to which they support patients in their attempts to be fully included in Chilean society and experience full and satisfying lives.


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