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Aging Policy Cycle and Governance

  • Arundhati BhattacharyyaEmail author
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Aging policy is a complex process. The environment influences this process to a substantial extent. Government receives information about aging from different quarters. They try to monitor social broadcasts in the form of mass media and lobbying. Again, specific changes in the social process may happen unobserved. The policymakers study and evaluate the issue neutrally, based on observable and unobservable changes. In this way, change and prioritization can happen in policymaking, in the form of cuts to education expenditure, an increase in investment in pension, crime-fighting (Winkler 2015), and health care. Discussion process may lead to lawmaking, keeping track of the emerging needs, trends, and issues. The age-friendly communities’ project is not just intended for older adults. It has to design and produce an environment that is suitable for all ages. Social inclusion and greater...

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