Pulmonary Pathology

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Sclerosing Pneumocytoma, Lung

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Sclerosing haemangioma (now defunct).


A benign neoplasm derived from peripheral lung epithelium showing histological heterogeneity; solid cellular, sclerotic, hemorrhagic, and papillary areas are variably represented. Typically there is a dual cell population, those lining the papillae and glandular spaces and those rounded cells of the solid intervening tissue.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    Although the commonest of the truly benign pulmonary neoplasms, these are still rare lesions. Rarer still in Caucasian populations, this lesion is more prevalent in East Asia where it matches typical carcinoid in case numbers.

  • Age

    There is a wide age range for reported cases, from teenage years to the elderly, but most patients are in their 40s or 50s.

  • Sex

    There is a marked female predominance to a ratio of nearly 5:1.

  • Site

    These are lesions which are now recognized as arising from the peripheral lung epithelial compartment so that they tend to be peripheral and parenchymal in...

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