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2018 Edition
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Periostin (POSTN)

  • Samapika RoutrayEmail author
  • Juber Rahman
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Historical Background

Periostin (POSTN) is a gene encoding a secreted 90 kDa, disulfide-linked bone adhesive secretory protein of 836 amino acids, which was identified in a mouse osteoblastic cell line as a cell adhesion protein. As a nonstructural extracellular matrix (ECM) protein, originally it was known as osteoblast-specific factor 2 (OSF-2) with sequence similarity to the fasciclin family (Fas-I); being preferentially located in the periosteum, the term periostin had been coined (Tilman et al. 2007). It is an unique ECM protein secreted by fibroblasts, broadly expressed in the body, such as aorta, stomach, lower gastrointestinal tract, placenta, uterus, thyroid tissue, and breast. It is produced mainly in adult connective tissues and during ontogenesis and when exposed to mechanical load, such as in heart valves, skin,...

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