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Tissue Factor

  • Elena SergeevaEmail author
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Historical Background

Morawitz was the first to describe the clot-promoting substance found in tissues (tissue factor) and introduced it into his clotting theory. He proposed a clotting theory which influenced research in this field over the next 50 years.

Until 1962 12 main clotting factors were described, but their interrelationship was unknown. In 1964, Davie and Macfarlane independently formulated the “cascade theory” of in vivo clotting. Only 30 years later, in 1995, Rapaport and Rao were able to write “Thus little reason exists today to doubt that the binding of factor VII to TF and the subsequent reactions so triggered play a ‘prima ballerina’ role in the initiation of coagulation process.”

In 1987, the efficiency of purification of human tissue factor (TF) from brain and placenta was greatly improved by using a monoclonal antibody against human tissue factor on...

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