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Historical Background

Rab proteins including Rab25 are small GTPases belonging to Ras oncoprotein superfamily. Specifically, Rab25 is a member of the Rab11 subfamily consisting of Rab11a, Rab11b, and Rab25, which control the recycling of internalized membrane-associated moieties to the plasma membrane (Zerial and Stenmark 1993; Olkkonen and Stenmark 1997).

The human Rab25 gene is located at 1q22 encompassing 9.37 KB, from 156030940 to 156040304 (NCBI 37, August 2010), on the direct strand (HGNC: 18238; Entrez Gene: 57111; Ensembl: ENSG00000132698; OMIM: 612942; UniProtKB: P57735).

According to RefSeq, of the two reported RNA variants, only one codes for a protein (mRNA Transcript 1 which is 1138 bp linear mRNA (Accession: NM_020387.3 GI: 951232994). The other is a noncoding 942 bp linear transcribed-RNA (Accession: NR_133653.1 GI: 951235674). Predicted transcription factor binding sites in the RAB25 gene promoter include...

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