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LDHA (Lactate Dehydrogenase A)

  • Fernanda Stapenhorst França
  • Ivi Juliana Bristot
  • Fábio KlamtEmail author
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 GSD11;  HEL-S-133P;  LDHA;  LDHM;  PIG19

Historical Background

The LDHA gene encodes the A subunit, which is also often called M subunit, of lactate dehydrogenase, an enzyme which catalyzes the interconversion of pyruvate to lactate and NADH to NAD+. This enzyme was first reported as having five isozymes in 1959, where it was also shown that they were tissue-specific (Markert and Moller 1959). Tsujibo and cols first described the nucleotide sequence of the human LDHA in 1984, and its predicted amino acid sequence showed 92% homology with pig LDHA (Tsujibo et al. 1985). In 2001, Read and cols determined the crystal structure of the two main LDH isoforms, which provided evidence for the hypothesis that the different activity of the isoforms is likely to be due to the variation of charged residues peripheral to the active site, since both isoforms have very similar crystal structures (Read et al. 2001).

Physiological Function

The isozymes for lactate dehydrogenase are tetramers...
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