MicroRNA-125b Modulates Inflammatory Chemokine CCL4 Expression and Its Reduction May Cause CCL4 Increase in Circulation with Age

  • Nai-Lin Cheng
  • Nan-ping WengEmail author
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Elevated levels of inflammatory chemokines in circulation are a hallmark of aging, but the mechanisms underlying this age-associated change are not fully understood. Recent studies suggest microRNAs play a role in the regulation of chemokine expression. Here, we review the current understanding of expression of inflammatory CC chemokine ligand 4 (CCL4) in human immune cells and its increase with aging and how reduction of microRNA-125b (miR-125b) expression contributes to the increase of CCL4 in monocytes and naïve CD8+ T cells in old adults.


miR-125b CCL4 Immune cells Aging Monocyte Naïve CD8+ T cell 


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