Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies

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Databases as a Service

  • Renato Luiz de Freitas CunhaEmail author
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Cloud provider: A cloud infrastructure provider, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Cloud.

End user: A user of cloud services, a person or company that uses services from the cloud provider.

Database server: A database management system that uses the client-server model.

Database as a service: Cloud computing service model that abstracts the setup of hardware, software, or tuning for providing access to a database.



Infrastructure as a service


Platform as a service


Software as a service


Database as a service


Information technology


Database administrator


Application programming interface


Configuring and maintaining database systems is a complicated endeavor, which includes planning the hardware that will be used, configuring disks and file systems, installing and tuning database management systems, determining whether and how replication will be done, and managing backups. In...

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