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2020 Edition
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Phyllodes Tumor

  • Mark O’LoughlinEmail author
  • Grace Callagy
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Benign phyllodes tumor; Benign phylloides tumor; Borderline phyllodes tumor; Borderline phylloides tumor; Cystosarcoma phyllodes; Cystosarcoma phylloides; Malignant phyllodes tumor; Malignant phylloides tumor; Phyllodes tumor; Phylloides tumor


Phyllodes tumors are true fibroepithelial neoplasms characterized by a biphasic growth pattern which comprises an epithelial and a stromal component and resembles an intracanalicular fibroadenoma. The epithelial component is double layered and arranged in clefts and is surrounded by the hypercellular stromal component. Together these give the appearance of leaflike structures. This appearance is the origin of the name cystosarcoma phyllodes when they were first described in 1838 by Müller (phyllos being the Greek word for leaf, cysto- pertaining to the cystic spaces identified, and sarcomapertaining to the sarcomatous stroma). The lesion was initially described as benign, and it was not until 1931 that its malignant...

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