Skull-Base Tumors and Related Disorders

Radiological Approach
  • Jan W. Casselman
  • Stephanie Vanden BosscheEmail author
  • Elias Pretorius
  • Bert De Foer
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Skull base lesions can be a diagnostic challenge due to the complex anatomy, technical challenges in magnetic resonance imaging of the region, the possibility of pseudotumors, and a wide variety of intrinsic bone lesions as well as head and neck pathology with extension into the skull base. Firstly some key points on the CT and MRI techniques used in clinical neuroradiology of the skull base region are addressed, followed by a brief discussion on what kind of information the surgeon expects to find in the radiology report. Secondly, the skull base lesions without a predilection site are reviewed, predominantly focusing on the most frequent pathology but also providing examples of some very rare tumors. Finally, an overview of the radiology of skull base tumors and pseudotumors is provided according to their common site of origin, focusing on typical clinical and imaging features.


Cranial fossa, anterior Cranial fossa, middle Cranial fossa, posterior Skull base, neoplasms Temporal bone Clivus Cerebellopontine angle Jugular foramen 

List of Abbreviations


Aneurysmal bone cyst


Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies


Anterior skull base


Central giant-cell granuloma


Cerebellopontine angle


Central skull base


Cerebrospinal fluid


Computed tomography


Dynamic susceptibility contrast


Diffusion-weighted imaging


Endolymphatic sac tumors


Echoplanar imaging


Giant-cell tumor




Gradient echo


Jugular foramen


Large endolymphatic duct and sac


Langerhans cell histiocytosis


Magnetic resonance angiography


Magnetic resonance imaging


Posterior skull base


Sensorineural hearing loss


T1-weighted images


T2-weighted images


Time of flight


Turbo spin echo


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