Encyclopedia of Sexuality and Gender

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| Editors: Amy D. Lykins

Celebrity Sex Tapes and Deepfake Pornography

Living reference work entry
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-59531-3_60-1



A celebrity sex tape is most commonly a privately recorded sex scene or image made by a celebrity for private use but which then gets inadvertently released to the public. Deepfake pornography is conventional pornography that has been doctored, often by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, so as to insert a celebrity appearing as (most commonly) the female actress starring in the scene, replacing the original porn performer.

The Pre-Celebrity Sex Tape Era

For many years, rumors circulated that both Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe had produced what were then called stag films at very early stages in their careers. Although verified examples of either have so-far not been discovered and made public, the case for Crawford’s participation is backed by more corroborating evidence (such as witness testimony) than Monroe’s. This includes a rumored blackmail...

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