Technological Upgradation and Advancement for Treatment of Plastic Waste in Developing Countries

  • Janki Govani
  • Harshit Patel
  • Yash Pujara
  • Karan Chabhadiya
  • Pankaj PathakEmail author
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Developing country like India, with rapid urbanization ~1.35 billion population, is moving toward the fastest technological advancement and industrial activities. In the same venture, generating a massive amount of solid waste and its management has become one of the boundless challenges to the urban planner. It has been observed that every year ~9.5 million tons of plastic waste has been generated which ends up on either landfilling or ocean dumping. It causes dilapidation of fertile soil and leads to ocean acidification causing an imbalance in the aquatic ecosystem. Therefore, to deal with this issue, a substantial solution is needed for the treatment of this waste. Existing technologies for treating plastic waste are not fulfilling the requirement and causing several environmental and health impacts. Open burning and dumping of plastics are causing air, water, and soil pollutions. The modern methods of management of plastic waste would help to minimize the risk to the environment and reduce its impacts. Most of the plastics come from the urban and suburban area which is non-biodegradable and single-use plastic. This chapter highlights the environmental externalities associated with plastic waste, treatment technologies of plastics, and its further reutilization for the sustainable environment.


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