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Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program

  • Ninad KarandikarEmail author
  • Susan Ropacki
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The Polytrauma System of Care directly provides or links care to address the lifelong needs of individuals with impairments resulting from polytrauma and/or traumatic brain injury. The tiered Polytrauma System of Care integrates specialized rehabilitation services at regional centers, network sites, and local VA medical centers. Specialized TBI and polytrauma care are provided at the facility closest to the veteran’s or service member’s homewith the expertise necessary to manage his/her rehabilitation, medical, surgical, and mental health needs. For this highly specialized care, travel may be required to one of the five Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers (PRC) in the country. The Polytrauma System of Care provides a continuum of integrated care through five Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Programs (PTRP) co-located at the five Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers. PTRP is a structured residential program in a therapeutic setting with a focus on progressive return to...

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