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Department of Defense (DoD)

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The DoD is organized into the following functions:
  • The Office of the Secretary of Defense: the support office that assists the Secretary of Defense in crafting policy and administering the DoD includes subordinate functions of Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities.
    • Defense Agencies: represent various broad functions of the DoD and are mostly or completely staffed by civilians. Examples include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that undertakes scientific research in areas applicable to defense and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) which is responsible for collecting and disseminating intelligence to the DoD.

    • DoD Field Activities: includes information and dissemination activities such as the Defense Media Activity and the DoD Education Activity.

  • The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS): the primary advisory body to the President of the USA and the Secretary of Defense on matters related to defensive policy and operations. Members of the JCS are also heads...
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