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Christensen, Anne-Lise (1926– )

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  • Christine Ghilain
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Landmark Clinical, Scientific, and Professional Contributions

  • In 1966, Anne-Lise Christensen reviewed a newly published English translation of Aleksandr Luria’s (1966) Higher Cortical Functions in Manand instantly realized its value in the clinical bedside examination of cognitive function in neurological patients. Luria provided a comprehensive theory of brain organization, from which cognitive tasks could be developed to measure various cortical functions. However, Luria’s scholarly presentation required some adaptation before it could be practically applied by clinicians. Guided by her experience working with neurosurgeon Richard Malmros, Christensen began to translate Luria’s methods into her native Danish as well as adapt them for use in the clinic. Responding to Luria’s invitation, Christensen visited him in Moscow and presented her Danish translation. Luria labeled it a “vulgarization” of his method, but added he had always wanted someone to do this. He encouraged Christensen...

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