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Pastoral Counseling

  • William Victor MaloyEmail author
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Pastoral care; Pastoral psychotherapy


Pastoral counseling as an approach to mental health counseling is rooted in the sense of responsibility for the care and welfare of others that one finds in religious traditions. It is a specialized form of counseling offered by persons who are accountable to religious communities.

Current Knowledge

Historical Background

Pastoral counseling emerged as a specialized approach to mental health counseling in the 1950s to describe the activity of religious ministers who were engaged in providing mental health counseling in a variety of religious and mental health settings. It developed as a consequence of a growing interaction between those in religious ministry and those in psychiatry, psychology, and social work.

The American Association of Pastoral Counselors was founded in 1964 to provide a professional organization for those doing pastoral counseling. The purpose was to establish standards for membership and to certify those who...

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