Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

2018 Edition
| Editors: Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, John DeLuca, Bruce Caplan

Line Bisection

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Tests of visual inattention


A simple task wherein the examinee is asked to draw a line that bisects lines of varying length. Diller et al. (1974) presented a technique in which the examiner draws the line for the patient or instructs the patient to copy an already drawn horizontal line. The patient is then asked to divide the line in half by placing an “X” on the center point. Schenkenberg et al. (1980) developed a multiple trial line bisection test that uses a set of 20 lines of varying sizes arranged so that six are centered to the left of the midline on a 8½ × 11 sheet of paper, six to the midline, and six in the center along with a top and bottom line to be used for instructions are centered on the page. The examiner then asks the patient to “cut each line in half by placing a small pencil mark through each line as close to its center as possible.”

Historical Background

Diller et al. (1974) presented a technique using a single line, and Schenkenberg et al. (1980...

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