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Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test

  • Nathan HenningerEmail author
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The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - Fourth Edition (PPVT-4) (Dunn and Dunn 2007) is a multiple-choice vocabulary test that is designed to assess one-word receptive language skills in children and adults. Examinees view sets of four drawings and select the one that best fits the word spoken by the examiner. As in the earlier editions, this revision is a normed, referenced instrument that is untimed and individually administered. There are two parallel forms (Form A and Form B). The PPVT-4 was co-normed with the Expressive Vocabulary Test - Second Edition to provide a comprehensive assessment of receptive and expressive vocabulary skills (Dunn and Dunn 2007). A larger easel size, updated items, and new, full-color illustrations are part of the newest version of the PPVT.

The current revision of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test is comprised of 228 items grouped into 19 sets of 12 items each. As in previous versions, the sets are arranged in order of...

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