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Literature Data on Perioperative Management After Surgery for Hemorrhoids

  • Christopher Emmett
  • Mark Mercer-Jones
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Part of the Coloproctology book series (COLOPROCT, volume 2)


Excisional hemorrhoidectomy is a commonly performed procedure for symptomatic hemorrhoids. This term encompasses both “open” (Milligan-Morgan) and “closed” (Ferguson) hemorrhoidectomy techniques, as well as excisional procedures performed using surgical devices such as LigaSure™ and harmonic scalpel. These procedures pose certain challenges in the perioperative period, especially in the management of postoperative pain, bowel function, and wound healing. Traditionally, patients undergoing hemorrhoidectomy remained in hospital for up to a week postoperatively; however, in recent years, the procedure is increasingly being carried out as a day case operation.

A variety of strategies for reducing postoperative complications and improving postoperative pain have been suggested; usually, combinations of local anesthetic, oral medications, and topical therapies are employed with the aim of optimizing patients’ postoperative recovery, reducing hospital stay, and preventing readmission. This chapter aims to evaluate the current published evidence for postoperative management of patients undergoing excisional hemorrhoidectomy.


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