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Intra- and Postoperative Management in Patients Submitted to Operation for Hemorrhoids

  • M. Margarita MurphyEmail author
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Part of the Coloproctology book series (COLOPROCT, volume 2)


In the current healthcare environment, it has become increasingly important to reduce hospital length of stay and to perform as many procedures as possible in the ambulatory setting. Outpatient surgery can not only cut costs by improving efficiency but may also prevent nosocomial infections associated with inpatient care while maintaining excellent safety standards and high levels of patient satisfaction despite its ambulatory nature. Hemorrhoid surgery can be seen as the perfect example of how excellent perioperative care as implemented by the entire surgical team can make ambulatory surgery possible in cases that used to require hospital stays as long as 8 days. In this chapter, a description of the technique and protocols to make this possible will be described, including multimodal pain management.


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