Encyclopedia of Wildfires and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires

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| Editors: Samuel L. Manzello

Wildland Firefighting Locations

  • Thomas Zimmerman
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During the planning, implementation, and evaluation of wildland firefighting activities, many locations used for support of a wide variety of objectives are utilized. These locations serve specific and, sometimes, multiple purposes and are often critically important in carrying out firefighting actions.

Wildland firefighting responses are conducted under the guidelines provided in the Incident Command System (FEMA 2017a, 2017b; Federal Highways Administration 2006). The wildland firefighting locations described in this and its four companion chapters (On-the-Incident Locations, Incident Response Locations, Incident Management Team (IMT) Support Locations, and Coordination System Locations) are defined in accordance with accepted terminology descriptions and glossaries listed in the References section in this chapter (FHA 2006; USFS 2011; NWCG 2016, 2017; FEMA 2017a, 2017b).

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